Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Fun

Day Three of our Vacation... Family Photos! Everyone got up bright and early to try and avoid the hot sun, but we ended up in it anyway. We had to relocate the photo shoot to the back of the beach house because the sun would have been directly in our eyes. I think they turned out pretty well considering. And the last picture we took was kind of a silly photo but I think it turned out the best!! So here's a few shots from the Family Photo Shoot today.And here are some individual family shots.You'll notice our picture is in the sand. I liked this one better than our shot in front of the fence.

And my favorite.... the final family photo, which I think turned out great considering everyone is wearing sunglasses!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It took me long enough but I finally got my garden put in and it looks great! Now I just have to keep it alive (yikes!). Wish me luck. And here are some pictures of the progress and the
final outcome (well kind of, I still have a few more plants to put in and some flowers to plant).

These are all before photos from two Saturdays ago.

This is from two Saturdays ago after my original post about the garden. I think I did a pretty good job. Unfortunately I only got the one box cleared before I was D-O-N-E. It was a hot day!! I did manage to mark where the other box would go but a cute doggie I know knocked it all over by the time the next Saturday came around.

A few days later we ran over to the Home Depot and got top soil, manure, and compost and dumped them all in to fill them up then Friday I picked the plants. We have red, yellow, orange, and green bell pepper plants, a banana pepper plant, tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers. I also picked up a variety of herbs - basil, cilantro, sage, and catnip(for the kitties) to plant on my patio side area (see above picture). And to the right is the finished product. The areas that don't have cedar chips are awaiting plants. I'm not sure why the picture is slanted to much but it gives you an idea.

That's Bootz hanging out by the catnip. And this little set up I got from my boss (or I guess previous boss now) for free. We got four chairs and a lounge chair. I have two tiki torches that go on either side but they kept falling down so I put them away until we need them. All in all, I think we've got a pretty nice back yard now. A lot better than the "fortress of solitude" we had before. I'm looking forward to spending more time out there and to the delicious white salsa that will hopefully come from the fruits of the garden!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Realizations and A Vegetable Garden

I realized a few weeks back why I have such a hard time blogging. I know this will sound dumb but it took me this long to finally figure it out so bare with me, blogging is like writing in your journal - for other people to read. I know, sad that I just figured that one out. But really though, the last time I wrote in my journal was shortly after my mom passed away, so you can see how good I am at doing that. I've always been lazy about writing in my journal so I guess that's why I've taken forever to finally get something posted here! Like I always say, I'll try to do better.

I wanted to post some pics of our latest project. Mostly as motivation to get outside and finish it but also so everyone could see the fruits of our labors. We've been wanting to get some planter boxes in the back yard for a raised bed vegetable garden for a while now, but as we always do we've procrastinated. Last weekend we were in Sam's and found a great deal (again) on some pre-fab boxes so we got two. I say again because they had the same boxes at the same price at the beginning of spring but we decided to wait, then they were gone. So we went home and put them together and there they have sat, for a week now. Alan did try to start pulling the grass up where we wanted them, but didn't make it as far as he'd like. So I get to finish it up today so that when he gets home we can get our dirt and plants. Here's a few before pics (well, before I get started digging).

You can see how far Alan got. And you can see all the dead spots where Bizzy has destroyed the grass. Another project to work on!

So I guess I should get started. How sad is it that I'm blogging to avoid the very project I am blogging about! It's just so dang humid!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I haven't forgotten

I know it may seem that I forgot I even had a blog by the lack of posts, but the reality is I've just been extremely lazy!! We've had so much happen with our little family since I last posted. Maybe one of these days I'll get motivated to catalog them all for your reading pleasure (if anyone will even read them!)

It's getting to be spring time around here and I guess with the renewed energy that Spring brings, I'm feeling the need to update my blog and such. Or maybe it has to do with my new calling as Relief Society Secretary that's got me motivated to be more organized. Either way, I'm gonna give it all another try! So, here I go again. By the way, even though I haven't posted anything in over a year, I do still read all my favorite blogs and thoroughly enjoy keeping up with everyone through their beautiful, creative posts!! So thanks to everyone for motivating me as well!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our 1st Trip to Hilton Head Island

Here's our self-portrait.

This is Biz after playing in the waves, you can't really tell but she's soaking wet! Good thing we came prepared (and that it's not our car she's riding back in!)

This is Biz in the back of the convertable Alan rented for the weekend (working for a rental car company sure has it's perks!!) She had so much fun just sitting there letting the wind hit her.

Here's a shot of my cute hubby with his ridiculous hat and Biz. Aren't they the cutest!! It was such a fun getaway, we plan on definitely doing it again!!

Too Much!

That's my excuse for not posting more often, too much going on! Not a very good excuse I know, especially when I have so many good examples who have kids, jobs, callings, etc. and still find time to keep everyone updated!!! Well here's the latest happenings around this White House.....

Alan is still at Enterprise and will be qualifying for an assistant manager position soon hopefully. He's really liked working at the airport and the drive has been a lot less stressful too which is good. But in order for him to move up he'll have to go to another store somewhere. He will have the option where to go, so that's nice.

I started a new job in February. I'm the office manager for a cleaning company. Nothing fancy, and definitely not as wonderful as my job in Utah, but it's a job and I'm very grateful for that! I now have a half hour commute every morning and night which has been a huge adjustment. I have to be out of the house by 8 and usually don't get home till 6. So I feel like I'm never home and when I am home I'm lazy and get nothing accomplished (which is why this blog has suffered). I'm still teaching in Primary and love my newest class, although I am sad that I have 6 boys and 0 girls that come every Sunday. It makes for a very interesting class to say the least.

We are in the process of buying a new home, which is both exciting and frustrating. Being in real estate for 6 years has really come in handy but it has also aggravated Alan with all my questions and reservations. Hopefully everything will work out and we can be in by the end of April, especially since our lease is up in May!! I'll try to keep everyone updated!

That's about it for us. Nothing big and exciting, just the everyday living! I'll try to post a few pictures from Alan's parents' recent visit and out first trip to Hilton Head Island with Bizzy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I need everyone's help!!

Alan's 30th birthday is this year and anyone who knows me well knows I am not a party planner! So, any and all ideas are welcome! I am hoping since most of his family and our friends have the link to my blog they'll be able to help me come up with something fun and exciting!! I only have about 6 months to figure something out! HELP!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Christmas

We miss our family! Last Christmas was so much fun! We had Azamat living with us so we made sure and show him all of America's crazy traditions. Mark, Star, and the girls came from California so we got to spend time with them too! We love our adorable nieces, they had us constantly laughing! And we got to do some fun things like build snowmen and go sledding down the big hill by our house and we even got to decorate a cake train with lots of candy and frosting. We will really miss all of those fun things this year!

2 Weeks!!!

I can not believe it is only 2 weeks till Christmas! I just finished decorating yesterday! And I just realized this morning that I still haven't sent out my Christmas cards. I got them all addressed last week, but forgot to sign and send them. So as I was signing cards this morning I thought, "I should stick a note about this blog in the cards." Now I'm sure no one is really all that interested in our boring lives in Savannah, but eventually I'll get pictures up and learn all the tricks to blogging and maybe everyone will want to check my blog every now and then. I know I love snooping on other people's blogs for updates and pictures. So this post is for all those who actually do check out my blog, hopefully I'll have more posts than the three I have by the time everyone gets their Christmas cards (which at this rate might be by Valentine's Day!).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

I admit I have been a bit of a scrooge this season. I don't know if it's the state of the economy or the lack of snow, but for some reason I have had a hard time getting "in the mood" for Christmas, until last night. We have some wonderful neighbors, that are always sharing - be it food, gifts, dog sitting, you name it. One of them works for Fort Stewart and has a hook up for free Christmas trees. Last night Alan and I were just finishing dinner when our door bell rang. Alan hopped up to answer it and Bizzy went running out the door to assault the persons on the other side. I knew it was our awesome neighbors from the sound of their voices but I didn't know what great surprise they had brought us - a beautiful Christmas tree! The moment I stepped outside and saw it I was in the Christmas mood! And the smell, that wonderful fragrance that can only come from a real tree, brought back so many fond memories. So, even though I started out not really wanting to have anything to do with Christmas this year, I am now officially "in the mood"! I'll post pictures of our decorated tree once we get it all decorated tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I am sick! I think Thanksgiving is one of the worst times to get sick. So much food and goodies get neglected because you can't swallow, smell, or taste. Alan and I are spending this Thanksgiving with some friends from church and are pretty exited about it - they're doing most of the cooking so that means we finally get a break from it. I am in charge of bread and desserts(2 of my most favorite things). Hopefully by tomorrow I can kick this cold so I can enjoy myself! What's everyone else doing for Thanksgiving this year?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So I have finally succumbed to the blogging world. I really don't have a lot to even blog about, but I thought it would be a better way of keeping touch with everyone - since I don't really keep in touch with anyone any more. So here it is, the first official post for my new blog. I hope I'll be able to keep it updated and learn how to do pictures and everything, but if you have any advise please share it!!!